Calligraphy: Illuminated Letter

I will be teaching Illuminated Letters at Picture This in Hermitage, Tennessee Thursday evening June 16th, 6:30-8:30, and on Saturday morning June 18th, 9-11.  I am so excited to be working with Owner Matt Fischer.  He runs a wonderful frame shop and art gallery and is very involved in our art community.

Both of my classes are stand alone and can be taken by ages 3rd grade and up.  Students will create and finish a piece of art during the 2 hour class.  I am both light-hearted and  methodical in my teaching and will show how these beautiful letters are created.  Students will:

  • choose the letter to illuminate
  • select colors from a  wide variety of watercolor and metallic color pencils
  • use gouache metallics to add ‘bling’ to our work
  • work on soft textured black watercolor paper
  • create a beautiful finished letter



Illuminated ‘S’

When we finish the class, we will mat your 8×10 art.  If you want to, frames will be available for you to purchase.

Why should you take this class?

  • Learn a new skill
  • Create a gift for yourself or someone’s birthday
  • Get a taste of just one aspect of calligraphy
  • Immerse yourself, just for a few hours, in an art form that has been around for 1500 years!  This is a bit of a modern twist but the basics are the same.

To read more and/or to sign up for this class, go to Picture This under events.  Thanks for considering my class!  Classes by other local artists are also shown on this link.