Sister Eugenia Watercolor Artist

Sister Eugenia Brown is an amazing watercolor artist.  She will be 92 in March and continues to create her wonderful artwork as her busy life permits.


Sister Eugenia in her monastery sunroom

Sister has had an admirable work ethic with her art for 70+ years.  She says that she has always set aside a day a week to work on her watercolor.  She has created some acrylic pieces and sculptures but it seems that watercolor is her favorite.  Her work includes farm scenes, nature, animals, ocean, hot air balloons, faith, and her list continues!  When I last visited her and we discussed which artwork I would help to sell for her, she wouldn’t let me bring her most recent pieces.  She had plans to display them for sale in her local art show at Utica Square in Tulsa.

Sister Eugenia is my cousin and has been a blessing to our family for my entire life.  She and her brother, Father Matthew Brown, drove annually to Tennessee from Oklahoma to stay with our family for their vacation.  As the years progressed and we moved on to other cities, my husband and I became a part of their annual trek.  With the passing of my parents, they continued to visit us and stayed for a week at time, loving home cooked meals and laughter and telling family stories.  I had never been a destination for anyone’s vacation!  It is hard to express how very important and cherished these annual visits were.  Fr. Matthew passed about 3 years ago and Sister Eugenia no longer drives but I continue to see her, enjoying her monastery’s warm hospitality.  We continue to laugh a lot!

So, the last time we were together, we gathered up 50 of her paintings and I brought them to Tennessee to offer them for sale here.  Whenever one of her paintings sells, the proceeds go back to her convent in Tulsa, Oklahoma  St. Joseph Monastery.

An exhibit of her work is now on display and for sale at Fifty Forward – Donelson Station, 108 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN  37214.  Fifty Forward Donelson.  The show runs from January 27 – March 12, 2016.  Business hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, Saturday 8-12 and during theater performance times.  If you have questions or want me to meet you at the exhibit, just email me.